Yallah Bye is a new (electro) side-project by the band !



"Tunisian singer-songwriter Jawhar, known for his critically acclaimed album Qibla Wa Qobla, surprises us with yet an entirely new project: hypnotic, psychedelic and avant-garde electro-chaâbi music with a twist: Yallah Bye!"


The story

I had lots of themes and stories in mind which I had imagined for a very different project than « Jawhar ». In a way I didn’t want to define in advance what would be the differences but I decided that these themes I had in mind would speak for themselves, and that the spirit of the project would make me « act » the songs more than sing them… I started recording some stuff by myself, but I felt the need to collaborate with a beatmaker, someone who’s more into electro and machines than I am because I felt it would be nice to combine the roughness of the material I had with some « machinery »… I made some essays with 2 or 3 people and that’s where I realized that Louis, Jawhar’s drummer, was a hell of a fine and subtle beatmaker… When Nicolas from Balkan Trafik proposed that we make a collaboration with Monika Miczura Mitsou for the 2016 anniversary edition, although we were in the midst of preparing a Jawhar new album, well we decided to put the vessel in motion with nearly the same crew…

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